Breaking the Cycle

By Patrick H. Vanderburgh, Executive Director 

Every so often, I’ll hear someone describe their solution to homelessness: “They should just go get a job.”

And I’d actually like to see that happen. But then I remember the young mother who once stayed with us at Joy House. Although she was bright, she was chronically late to everything. One day someone asked her, “Do you know how to tell time?” She didn’t. No one had ever taught her. So who would hire her?

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September/October 2014 Soup for your Soul

School's in Session at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission!



Love That Changes Lives

by Patrick H. Vanderburgh, Executive Director

It’s almost impossible to describe the overwhelming loneliness and despair many hurting men and women experience before they come to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Whether they’re struggling with addictions, abuse or just the tragic circumstances of life, they find themselves paralyzed by defeat and overwhelming depression. Many have burned all their bridges to friends and family who love them. And some will never recover if nothing ever changes in their lives. 

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July/August 2014 Soup for your Soul

Lives are Being Rescued and Restored, Thanks to You!



Eat Up & Help Out - at the Chancery!

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