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Milwaukee’s poor and homeless children face an uncertain future. Without a solid education, compassionate mentors and a firm foundation, many are likely to perpetuate the cycle of poverty and its frequent results: violence, substance abuse and homelessness. Study after study has shown that education is the best ticket out of such situations, which is why the Milwaukee Rescue Mission started Cross Trainers Academy in 2006. CTA's express purpose is to provide at-risk children with the opportunity for an excellent, Christian-based education that will equip them with academic, social, emotional and spiritual tools for life.

A Chance to Succeed

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission opened Cross Trainers Academy in 2006 with the intent of reaching inner-city kids with educational opportunity and the hope of the Gospel. The school, with approximately 300 students and a 20:1 student-staff ratio, offers pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classes. Approximately 30% of students are or have been homeless and have stayed in Joy House.

Cross Trainers Academy focuses on strong academic achievement, especially in the areas of reading and mathematics. Through diligent work, students gain the skills necessary to be successful in their academic efforts. Other classes include science, social studies, Bible, physical education, health, music and art.

Kishia says her daughter has seen “a lot of growth” since switching from another school: “She’s not afraid of learning anymore. She’s made a drastic change. She now has a strong belief in God, and she’s more caring and loving, because that’s what she’s been shown at the school.”

Cross Trainers Academy is part of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. It receives funding for each child whose family income falls below levels determined by the state. But the funding doesn’t cover all of our costs, partly because of small class sizes of only 15-20 students. We are always in need of more funding, resources and volunteers to meet the basic needs of the school . . . and of each and every student.

The school is located at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission's North Campus at 1530 W. Center Street (the corner of 15th and Center Streets) and can be reached at (414) 935-0500.

Click here to see the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction report card for Cross Trainers Academy for the 2017-2018 school year.

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Click here to view the Cross Trainers Academy Wellness Policy. For questions or feedback regarding the policy, please contact the School Nutrition Director at Cross Trainers Academy at the following number: (414) 935-0500.

Cross Trainers Academy is a member of Christian Schools International.


Made to Thrive


To learn more about the impact Cross Trainers Academy is having on our community, we invite you watch this video.

Mission Statement

Cross Trainers Academy exists to provide an academically rigorous, Christ-centered education to equip students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those who are or have been homeless, to serve their communities and lead responsible, God-honoring lives. We do this by nurturing the whole child, empowering each student to build a strong foundation for the future.

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